Here is a comprehensive list of all the pinballs that have appeared at our festival over the years. This includes a few bingo and baseball machines. Scroll to bottom for some statistical information.

Game NameYear of ManufCompany
242009Stern (New)
2001 1971Gottlieb
Abra Ca Dabra 1975Gottlieb
AC/DC 2012Stern (New)
AC/DC Lucy 2013Stern (New)
Aces High 1965Bally
Addams Family1992Bally
AG Soccer Ball (New!)1991Alvin G
Airborne 1996Capcom
Airplane! 2018Kress
Airway 1937Bally
Alice Cooper 2019Spooky
Alien (New!)2021Pinball Brothers
Alien Poker 1980Williams
All Star Baseball (Pitch N Bat) 1968Chicago Coin
Alligator 1968Bally
Americas Most Haunted 2014Spooky
Apollo 1967Williams
Apollo 13 1995Sega
Aquarius 1970Gottlieb
Asteroid Annie & the Aliens 1980Gottlieb
Atlantis 1989Bally
Atlantis 1975Gottlieb
Attack From Mars 1995Bally
Attack From Mars (Remake) (New!)2017Chicago Gaming
Avatar (New!)2010Stern (New)
Avengers 2013Stern (New)
Avengers IQ 2020Stern (New)
Aztec 1976Williams
Back to the Future 1990Data East
Bad Cats1989Williams
Baffle Ball1931Gottlieb
Bally Round (New!)1932Bally
Bank A Ball 1965Gottlieb
Battle Pinny 2017TheGrunta
Beat The Clock 1985Bally
Big Brave (New!)1974Gottlieb
Big Broadcast1933Gottlieb
Big Casino 1961Gottlieb
Big Deal 1977Williams
Big Guns 1987Williams
Big Hurt 1995Gottlieb
Big Indian 1974Gottlieb
Black Jack 1977Bally
Black Knight1980Williams
Black Knight 2000 1989Williams
Black Knight SOV 2019Stern (New)
Black Pyramid 1984Bally
Black Rose 1992Bally
Blackwater 100 (New!)1988Bally
Blackout 1980Williams
Blue Chip 1975Bally
Blue Note 1978Gottlieb
BMX 1983Bally
Bowl a Strike 1965Williams
Bronco 1977Gottlieb
Buccaneer 1976Gottlieb
Buck Rogers1980Gottlieb
Bugs Bunny Birthday Ball 1990Bally
Bullseye 301 1986Grand Products
Capersville 1966Bally
Captain Fantastic 1976Bally
Card Whiz 1976Gottlieb
Carnival Queen 1958Bally
Catacomb (New!)1981Stern (Old)
Centaur (New!)1981Bally
Centaur (New!)2023Haggis
Centigrade 37 1977Gottlieb
Charlies Angels1978Gottlieb
Cirqus Voltaire 1997Bally
Class of 18121991Gottlieb
Cleopatra 1977Gottlieb
Clown 1985Zaccaria
Color Demon 2012Kress
Comet 1985Williams
Congo (New!)1995Bally
Corvette 1994Bally
Cosmic Princess 1979Stern
Countdown 1979Gottlieb
Cowpoke 1965Gottlieb
Creature from the Black Lagoon1992Bally
Crescendo (New!)1970Gottlieb
Cross Town (New!)1966Gottlieb
CSI 2008Stern
Cybernaut 1985Bally
Cyclone 1988Williams
Deadpool 2018Stern (New)
Dealers Choice 1974Williams
Demolition Man 1994Bally
Diner 1990Williams
Dirty Harry 1995Williams
Dr Dude 1990Bally
Dr Who1992Bally
Dracula 1993Williams
Dracula 1979Stern
Earthshaker 1989Williams
Eight Ball 1977Bally
Eight Ball Deluxe 1981Bally
Electric Road 2015Kress
Elektra 1981Bally
Embryon (New!)1981Bally
Evel Knevel 1978Bally/Custom
Eye of The Tiger1978Gottlieb
Family Guy 2007Stern
Far out 1974Gottlieb
Fashion Show 1962Gottlieb
Fathom 1981Bally
Figure 8 (New!)1932Hercules Novelty
Fireball Classic 1985Bally
Firepower 1980Williams
Firepower 2 1985Williams
Fish Tales 1992Williams
Flash 1979Williams
Flash Gordon 1981Bally
Flight 2000 1980Stern (Old)
Flying Carpet 1972Gottlieb
Foo Fighters (New!)2023Stern (New)
Four Million BC 1971Bally
Frankenstein 1995Sega
Full House 1966Williams
Fun House 1990Williams
Game of Thrones 2016Stern (New)
Gaxaxy 1980Stern
Gemini 1978Gottlieb
Genie 1979Gottlieb
Ghostbusters 2016Stern (New)
Gilligans Island 1991Bally
Godzilla 2021Stern (New)
Gorgar 1979Williams
Grand Lizard 1986Williams
Grand Prix 1977Williams
Grand Slam (New!)1972Gottlieb
Grand Tour 1964Bally/Custom
Granny and The Gators1984Bally
Guns N Roses1994Data East
Guns N Roses 2021Jersey Jack
Halloween (New!)2021Spooky
Harley Davidson1991Bally
Haunted House 1982Gottlieb
Hearts Spades1978Allied Leisure
High Hand1973Gottlieb
High Speed1986Williams
Hi-Lo Ace 1973Bally
Hook (New!)1992Data East
Hit the Deck1978Gottlieb
Hot Hand1979Stern (Old)
Hot Tip (SS) (New!)1977Williams
Houdini2017American Pinball
Hurricane 1991Williams
Independence Day1996Sega
Indiana Jones 1993Williams
Indianapolis 5001995Bally
Iron Maiden1982Stern (Old)
Iron Maiden2018Stern (New)
Iron Man 2014Stern
Jackbot 1995Williams
Jacks Open1977Gottlieb
James Bond 007 (New!)2023Stern (New)
Johnny Mnemonic1995Williams
Joker Poker 1978Gottlieb
Joker Poker (EM)1978Gottlieb
Jokerz 1988Williams
Judge Dredd 1993Bally
Jumping Jack 1973Gottlieb
Jungle Lord1981Williams
Jungle Queen 1977Gottlieb
Junkyard 1996Williams
Jurassic Park 1993Data East
Jurassic Park2019Stern (New)
Jurassic Park (Home Edition) (New!)2021Stern (New)
Key West 1956Bally
King of Diamonds1967Gottlieb
King Tut 1969Bally
Kings and Queens1965Gottlieb
Kings of Steel 1984Bally
Kiss 1979Bally
Kiss 2015Stern (New)
Last Action Hero 1993Data East
Lawman (Custom) 2015Kress
Le Grand 81985Christian Tabart
Lectronamo1978Stern (Old)
Led Zepplin 2021Stern (New)
Lethal Weapon 3 1992Data East
Lightning1981Stern (Old)
Lord Of The Rings2003Stern
Lost World 1978Bally
Lost World Jurassic Park (New!)1997Sega
Mandalorian 2021Stern (New)
Master Stroke1977Recel
Mata Hari 1978Bally
Medieval Madness 1997Williams
Memory Lane 1978Stern
Metallica 2013Stern
Miami1938Chicago Coin
Middle Earth1978Atari
Monster Bash1998Williams
Monster Bash Remake2018CGC
Moon Flight1976Zaccaria
Multimorphic P32017Multimorphic
Mustang 1977Gottlieb
Mustang2014Stern (New)
Mystery Score1965Midway
NASCAR 2005Stern
Nip It1973Bally
No Fear1995Williams
No Good Gofer’s1997Williams
North Star1964Gottlieb
Nugent1978Stern (Old)
Odds & Evens1973Bally
Official (Fisty Cuffs) (New!)1932Mills
Oktoberfest2019American Pinball
Orbit 1 1978Hankin
OXO 1973Williams
Paragon 1979Bally
Party Zone 1991Bally
Pinball Champ 1983Zaccaria
Pinball Magic 1995Capcom
Pinfest Skill Tester2021Custom
Pink Panther1981Gottlieb
Pirates of the Caribbean2006Stern (New)
Pirates of the Caribbean 2018Jersey Jack
Play Ball1971Gottlieb
Playboy 1978Bally
Police Force 1989Williams
Power Play 1978Bally
Pro Football1973Gottlieb
Red & Teds Roadshow 1994Williams
Rescue 911 1994Gottlieb
Revenge from Mars1999Bally
Rick & Morty2020Spooky
Ripley’s Believe it or Not 2004Stern
Riverboat Gambler1990Williams
Road Kings1986Williams
Rob Zombie2016Spooky
Robocop 1989Data East
Robot (New!)1985Zaccaria
Roller Disco 1980Gottlieb
Rollercoaster Tycoon2002Stern (New)
Rolling Stones1980Bally
Royal Guard1968Gottlieb
Royal Rumble 1994Data East
Rush2022Stern (New)
Scared Stiff (New!)1996Bally
Shaq Attaq1995Gottlieb
Shark 1980Hankin
Sharkeys Shootout 2000Stern (New)
Sharpshooter 21983Game Plan
Shrek2008Stern (New)
Sinbad 1978Gottlieb
Sing Along1967Gottlieb
Sky Kings 1974Bally
Soccer 1975Gottlieb
Soccer Kings1982Zaccaria
Solar City 1977Gottlieb
Solar Ride 1979Gottlieb
South Park 1999Sega
Space Invaders 1980Bally
Space Race 1977Recel
Space Station (New!)1987Williams
Spanish Eyes1972Williams
Special Force1986Bally
Spectrum 1982Bally
Spiderman2016Stern (New)
Spin a Card1969Gottlieb
Spinal Tap 2022Homepin
Spy Hunter1984Bally
Square Head1963Gottlieb
Star Trek 2013Stern (New)
Star Trek 25th Anniversary 1991Data East
Star Trek TNG1993Williams
Star Wars2017Stern (New)
Star Wars 1992Data East
Stellar Wars1979Williams
Straight Flush 1970Williams
Strange World 1978Gottlieb
Strikes & Spares 1978Bally
Strikes N Spares1995Gottlieb
Student Prince 1968Williams
Sunset Riders (Eightball Retheme)2015Bally
Super Mario Bros1992Gottlieb
Super Score1956Williams
Superman 1979Atari
Sure Shot1976Gottlieb
Surf Champ1976Gottlieb
Surfer 1976Gottlieb
Swords of Fury 1988Williams
Take Five 1978Allied Leisure
Tales From The Crypt 1993Data East
Tales of the Arabian Nights1996Williams
Target Pool (New!)1969Gottlieb
Teed Off1993Gottlieb
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1991Data East
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2020Stern (New)
Terminator 2 1991Williams
Terminator 3 2003Stern (New)
The Empire Strikes Back 1980Hankin
The Flintstones1994Williams
The Godfather (New!)2023Jersey Jack
The Getaway HS2 1992Williams
The Hobbit2016Jersey Jack
The Machine – Bride of Pinbot 1991Williams
The Shadow 1994Bally
The Simpsons Pinball Party2003Stern (New)
The Six Million Dollar Man1977Bally
The Sopranos 2005Stern (New)
The Walking Dead 2014Stern (New)
Theatre of Magic 1995Bally
THHGTTG 2014Kress
Thomas the Tank Engine2022BigTrev
Thunderbirds 2016Homepin
Time Machine 1983Zaccaria
Time Machine 1988Data East
Title Fight 1990Gottlieb
Tommy 1994Data East
Top Score 1975Gottlieb
Torpedo Alley 1988Data East
Total Nuclear Annihilation 2018Spooky
Toy Story 4 (New!)2022Jersey Jack
Transformers2011Stern (New)
Travel Time1972Williams
Tri Zone 1979Williams
Trident 1979Stern (Old)
Tron 2011Stern (New)
Tropic Isle 1962Gottlieb
Tumbleweed 2012Kress
Twilight Zone1993Bally
Universe 1977Zaccaria
Valencia 1975Williams
Venom (New!)2023Stern (New)
Viper1981Stern (Old)
Virtual Pin2014Vicario
Virtual Pin2012Stevens
Virtual Pin 2017Starett
Virtual Pinball 2016Arcooda
Volley 1976Gottlieb
White Water 1993Williams
Who Dunnit?1995Bally
Wild Fyre1978Stern
Wizard of Oz 2013Jersey Jack
World Cup Soccer 94 1994Bally
World Defender 1985Bell Games
WWE2015Stern (New)
Xenon 1980Bally
X-Men LE2012Stern (New)
Xs & Os1984Bally