Hall of Fame

2012 to 2023

Below is a list of all the people who have kindly donated machines from their private collection (or their business) to make this event a reality.

825 Games have been contributed to the event by 138 people over the past 12 events.

The average contributor has kindly donated a massive 6 games over the course of the events history; travels 160km to bring a game and has been to Pinfest over 4 times… meaning that they are happy to come back and contribute time and time again.

The event has now become an east coast phenomenon and is known internationally. People have brought games from as far as Mackay and Melbourne, Canberra, Parkes, Nhill, Brisbane, Launceston and Woologoolga.

If you would like to contribute a game to future Pinfest events then visit here https://pinfest.com.au/contribute-to-pinfest/