Q1. Do you hold pinball tournaments at Pinfest?

A1. No. Unfortunately we do not hold tournaments any more. At present we do not have enough machines to keep the public happy and have a competition at the same time.


Q2. Do you publish a list of the pinballs that will be at the show?

A2. A list of games will not be supplied. We have several good reasons why we don’t publish a list, one of them being that as we do not own the games as they are from private collections. The games coming to the event are constantly changing up to the last minute. We do however post every second day on our Facebook page, on the lead up to the event, games that have been promised at that point in time.


Q3. What is the limit on the Family admission?



Q4. Which is the best session to attend?

A4. Historically, the Saturday morning session has had the least crowds and offered a better chance to play as many games as possible, however, it seems like this trend is changing and there is no guarantee one session is better than the others, other than the Sunday session being the longest.


Q5. Will there be any games for sale and do you have a list?

A5. We can almost guarantee there will be games for sale at the event (there hasn’t been a Pinfest where no games have been up for sale), however, as we don’t own the games, we don’t know which games will be up for sale, and owners sometimes decide half way through the show to try and sell a game or two. Most contributors are also open to offers, but please do not pester owners or make ridiculous low-ball offers.

If you do buy a game, the machine cannot be taken away until after the last session on Sunday. No exceptions.


Q6. Will there be vendors selling pinball parts?

A6. Short answer; No. Long answer; No because the large majority of people attending the event are not pinball hobbyists. We would also need to provide them with some room, which means less room for pinballs. We had vendors attend Pinfest 2013 and it was a complete flop and a waste of time for them.